Antonio Oliver, Owner of Casual Church Wear

My brother Kelvin and I always had this dream of starting our very own Christian apparel company. This project was something we were truly passionate about. He was always there, helping me with designs and motivating me to take the leap to create Casual Church Wear. Slowly but surely, we began offering our faith-based t-shirts online for people to buy in 2014.

However, a few years after we started, the unexpected happened. My brother and mentor passed away, and it hit me hard. I was devastated and lost hope in pursuing our Christian tees, so I decided to put the idea on the back burner and shut down the CCW website.

But it seemed like God had other plans for me and for the Casual Church Wear dream. The idea kept resurfacing, and I continued to see people still wearing some of the shirts we launched nine years ago. God would not allow me to sleep on the Casual Church Wear dream. It was a sign that I couldn't ignore.

I knew I had to keep pushing forward, so in August 2023, I relaunched the website with a fresh new vision and brand-new designs. It's a way for me to honor God and keep the vision alive.

I gotta keep pushing…This one is for you Big Bro!

Now, Christians can proudly display their faith through custom apparel, just like sports fans do with their favorite teams or universities. My goal is to provide you with comfortable and stylish clothing that inspires you to share your awesome story and spread the Gospel of Christ.

With Casual Church Wear, you can "Be the Church" wherever you go. Our motto is simple: Hear It - Wear It - Share It.

Hear The Gospel of Christ (Listen/Believe)
Wear The Gospel of Christ (How we live)
Share The Gospel of Christ (Evangelism)

I'm really excited to serve and help you express your faith in a unique and fashionable way.

Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to Casual Church Wear!

-Antonio Oliver

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